Monday, August 22, 2011

The Heart of the Springs Lives On

Is the  2nd book  
of a Bennett Spring Novel, written by Laura  L. Valenti ,  and very good at what she does.

The  Heart of the Springs   Lives  On

begins  11 years after , we read of the Darling family.  i n the first book ( The Heart of the Springs)
(the characters in the story are not real  the place is)
I loved reading these books ,  for  many reasons.  For one  the story  line,     a story of  how Bennett Spring  State P ARK  got to bee, 

I  have  great memorys going there as a kid,  and it where i go to take pictures ,  it's a Beau~T~ful place  to see.         

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Book 2 of the ALASKAN SKIES

is the 2nd book  in the Alaskan Skies, series  by Bonnie Leon.

and is just as good as the frist  book,

The  Wings of promise , starts where  book one takes off.
Kate has had some tough time , making her dream of being a  Alaskan bush pilot,  but she does ,  but can she keep it up.
and   her  personal life  too?

What got me hooked on these books?
the title  for one thing   "TOUCHING THE CLOUDS "
I  love watching the clouds,  could watch them all day.

the 2nd thing was the Charater's  name  " Kate Evans"

and I have aways thought that Alaska, would be avery cool place to see.

but  I have a fear of flying,  and doubt that i will see Alaska in person.  

But the author has  wrote  the story so fine , I  can  ride though the clouds with  Kate,  and I can picture  being  there too.

THIS SERIES OF BOOKS , IS  well worth  your time reading  :)   thank you. oh and book 3 is in the works.

Friday, August 5, 2011

soul surfer

this is a very gripping  movie,
very much worth the time to watch.

don't have anything like a drink or food in you hands, in one part of this movie.  TRUST ME!