Thursday, December 11, 2008

been reading again

Just got though with a Historical inspiraonal romance,
this is her very first book , and it was a very good Christmans story!
The guys might not like it , or do guys read Romance books?

well that's it for the day! have a good one


I have wonder what if Eve had never ate the fruit of the tree?
What would have happen?

Look at what they had , a place that had it all, and the best of all, a stoll in the garden with God!

Just some of the things i think about , may not th e right thing to do , but i do!

Monday, December 8, 2008

50year ago

Have ya ever heard something that was said over and over and over again , that you end up tuning it out , And then one day something clicks and the thing or things that you tuned out in the past , starts to make some sense to you?

WEll it took a book that was wrote some 50 years ago, to make it clear!

I wish everyone could read this book ,

Friday, December 5, 2008

Did ya ever think Trouble could be a servant? not me
I've never tested myself on how I would react to trouble or tragedy.
Never was anygood at test in school , eesh I thought when ya got out you would bee
done with them, BOY WAS I EVER WRONG! Your life is one test after another, and I aint'
no better at these test then i was in school!

I knew I need help with this , so I asked Jesus Christ into my heart ! I thought I had it
made becoming a Christian! I would bee living the carefree life, no more trouble no more
pain , I would pass this test called life, with flyin colors !

But what's this coming down the road? IT's trouble with it's six shooter on, gunning for me. Hey hold on there! you not supposed to get in my way! It didn't hear me, if it
did it didn't care. I shouted, hey I'm a Christian now , ya got no right to come around now!
It just smile as it flating me, ohhhhhhhhhhh.

As I was laying there all banged up ! I yelled at God, And said, "GOD what the deal here?
I'm one of your kids here! why did this happen to me , I thought ~~~~~~

That 's just it you can't reason with it cause it don't play fair!

besides haven't ya ever hear ,
" ya got to have a little rain to make the flowers grow"!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reading time!

Has any one hear of or read any of John Wrigth Follette, any of his stuff?

Well I found a book of his "BROKEN BREAD" it was wrote back in 1957 , it is a very intersting!
It has 20 chapters in it, and a book that size I can read in a day or 2, But this has so much meat in it that you want to savor it!

in the Preface Mr. Follett say "some may find the teaching elementray, while to others it may be a bit revolutionary", and then he goes on to say "Accept the portion which is adequate for you in your present place of spiritual culture and development,

I got to chapter 6 in the book , then went back to read the first chapter again,
Trouble ~a Servant ~

I have never thought of trouble as a Servant before , have you ?
Well here I go , I'm stating an other blog,
don't know how it will go , cause this blog , will be just what i want to talk about ,
like books or movies , or what ever , so Bear with me on this