Monday, June 18, 2012

Between the Star and The Cross

Some  of ya , know how I like to read,  esp love to read   story's about  the Ozarks, Mo, & Ark.
and  the story's  that Authors  from Mo.& Ark.  write. 

today I would like,  too tell ya about  one of  these Authors.  from the Missouri side of the Ozarks.
Laura L. Valenti,  she is a Freelance Writer & Author.    she  and her husband  live near Bennett Spring, Missouri.    and 2 of the four books I have read,   take place in Bennett Spring.

And  Boy, can she  ever tell a story,  
Here is her  website  if ya want to checkit out!
book 2
I just read her  new book ,  and think ya all would really  like it!