Saturday, January 3, 2009

immature /mature

A couples of posts ago ,I wrote (what if Eve didn't take that bite)
it was a dumb Q? and show how immutre I am in my Christian walk,
And that is something that I want to work on this year , I want to work harder on growning
more maturtity in my Christian walk.

So I started by going back and digging thought the pages of a book to why my Q? about Eve was a dead ball.
And this was what I found (this is from the book Broken Bread)
God creats man! He made man with two chracteristic marks a nature and moral chatacter ,
As you see Adam had human nature by the act of creation, but not a developed moral character,
( for nature is a free specific gift, as fore a moral character had to be built by God only by a process of testing!
so ya see the forbidden fruit was a part of the testing , if there not been a bite , there would have been another test!

I have a Q? , can a person who was save so many years ago , start working on becoming a more mature christian and grow a stronger moral character?
as this post come to an end if ya don't mind please keep me in your prayers !
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Great resolution, jel. It's never too late to grow in your relationship to God, and anytime is a good time.

Stoogelover said...

Yes, you/we can! Imagine life without the possibility of growing and maturing ... we'd all still be infants. Until we take a final breath we have opportunity and responsibility to grow and to allow God to mature us.