Saturday, March 21, 2009


Have ya ever been going something, and that got ya to think`n about something else?

well just now I made a porkloft instead of meatloft, and it's not bad, well any way as
i was putting it all together, I got to thinking of an old show (HEE HAW) with grandpaw Jones
in it , he would be washing a window when someone would yell
"WHAT'S FOR SUPPER GRANDPAW " and he would lean out the window he was washing (it was funny back then) and start tell~n what all he was a having !

So for supper we are a have~n porkloft,mash taters, peas, and bread~ mum mum ;)


Corry said...

Maybe I am a little blond here, but isn't pork meat as well?? So, wouldn't ya still be makin a meatloft??? hehehe.


God's Grace.

jel said...

ya can call it what ya want!!

but if it answers ya, it's not done let :P

Anonymous said...

I had never heard the term "meatloft". Meatloaf yes but not loft???

jel said...

so i can't i can't spell,

that's just one of a long list of things that i can't do!

Anonymous said...

No, you missed the point: Meatloft is actually on the web with recipes for 'meatloft'.

I guess it might be a regional thing.

You spelled it Okie-Dokie.

Klay Kisses said...

I think that was very funny! How did you supper turn out anyway? Did ya have the taters too?

jel said...

yup we sure did, we surly like our taters, as my poppy use to say, "MUSTY" (must have some more)