Monday, July 5, 2010

It could be WORST

it's not been my day , or weekend , it started out good , DH got 3 days off. that was good , we had a good dinner with bro and sis and mom.
got some work done good,
some hard back books falling on my head not soo o good!
had some watermelon, payed some card ,
took 2 rolls of film up, all good.
got out of bed this moring, always a good thing! :)

went to town , 25miles away , to drop film off ,
wait 2 hours, toget them back, a good thing

found out , had droped off wrong film, lost 2 rolls of film, and no pictures, wanted to Crrrrrrrrrry :(

made it home ,a good thing! :)


John Dobbs said...

ugh. There's always tomorrow. lol

Lisa L said...

Sorry it wasn't the best day! I hope today was much better!! Love you