Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Penny & Minne talk time

Hay y'all,  this here is  Penny & Minne .
And  we got us a brand new show,  called
"The Penny & Minne  Talk Time"

About us,  
we're  just  frogg s ,  from Lillypond  trying to make a living!   on our little show we will be taking about this and that.   Well  lets get this show  a hopping  .

Did ya know,that if  ya would  take a Banana  and open it from the bottom end that it will peel  much better.

Oh , by the way  frog leggs are bad for ya , Chicken is much better! :)
Well that's all the time we have for the day!  hope ya enjoyed the show .
Come back and see us again !
bye y'all

1 comment:

Dave said...

Ha! Doing puppetry now Jel? :-) Carry on... - Dave