Wednesday, March 7, 2012

one time want~a~bee

a few times , some words will come to me,
 and I will write them  down. 
But I don't hav e what it takes , to bee a writer.
ant that fine by me.  I like reading better!

I wrote this some years back,and have posted it back when,
and it did get printed in the hometown paper.


john malone said...

that is beautiful and wonderful, Jel. If I were an editor of a poetry magazine I would have no hesitation in publishing this. It was so good, I read it twice.

Course you can write; doesn't mean you have to but you can

john malone said...

I reckon you should try your hand at writing other pieces like this. It captures your personality and has an easy rhythm. In fact, I'm about to read it again --- a third time :)

jel said...

thanks John,
there are a few more.

Dave said...

That was great Jel - Dave

jel said...

Thanks Dave