Friday, December 5, 2008

Did ya ever think Trouble could be a servant? not me
I've never tested myself on how I would react to trouble or tragedy.
Never was anygood at test in school , eesh I thought when ya got out you would bee
done with them, BOY WAS I EVER WRONG! Your life is one test after another, and I aint'
no better at these test then i was in school!

I knew I need help with this , so I asked Jesus Christ into my heart ! I thought I had it
made becoming a Christian! I would bee living the carefree life, no more trouble no more
pain , I would pass this test called life, with flyin colors !

But what's this coming down the road? IT's trouble with it's six shooter on, gunning for me. Hey hold on there! you not supposed to get in my way! It didn't hear me, if it
did it didn't care. I shouted, hey I'm a Christian now , ya got no right to come around now!
It just smile as it flating me, ohhhhhhhhhhh.

As I was laying there all banged up ! I yelled at God, And said, "GOD what the deal here?
I'm one of your kids here! why did this happen to me , I thought ~~~~~~

That 's just it you can't reason with it cause it don't play fair!

besides haven't ya ever hear ,
" ya got to have a little rain to make the flowers grow"!


Anonymous said...

wow, that's so true.
glad you are speakin

Terry said...

Hi Sunshine!
I just came to thank you for praying for me. I feel a lot better since yesterday.
Thanks so much!
And then I run into this newest blog of yours.
Really good.
I thought the same thing after I got saved that life would be a lot easier.
Aw! No such luck, eh?
Just got to keep on moving with the Lord at our side!.....Love Terry

jel said...

thanks bp, and sweet t
for stopping by

Rulan said...

Oh yeah, ain't that the truth.
Cool blog, sis. :-)

Anonymous said...

No, trouble doesn't stop coming around just because we've become a Christian. But thank God He gives us strength to fight it.

Thanks for telling me about your new blog!

David Meigs said...

Looks like an excellent new blog. Awesome!

God bless you, my friend. :-)

jel said...

hey Rulan, and David,

thanks for sticking with me!

I hope it will fly! :)

jel said...

hey lisa,

yup ya can't fight trouble,alone cause it don't play, ya got to give it to God!