Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reading time!

Has any one hear of or read any of John Wrigth Follette, any of his stuff?

Well I found a book of his "BROKEN BREAD" it was wrote back in 1957 , it is a very intersting!
It has 20 chapters in it, and a book that size I can read in a day or 2, But this has so much meat in it that you want to savor it!

in the Preface Mr. Follett say "some may find the teaching elementray, while to others it may be a bit revolutionary", and then he goes on to say "Accept the portion which is adequate for you in your present place of spiritual culture and development,

I got to chapter 6 in the book , then went back to read the first chapter again,
Trouble ~a Servant ~

I have never thought of trouble as a Servant before , have you ?

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Terry said...

I don't know about trouble being a servant Sunshine. I always thought that "Trouble" was my middle name.
I wish I had more time to read. That sounds like a good book and it has been so long since I read a good book. The world spins around too quick at times!..Love Terry