Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Here is another book 4 u 2 checkout.

and a summary from the book,

"In 1943, 19 year old Jim Yoder serves as a waist gunner aboad a B-24 in the U S Army Air Corps.

but though a strange chain of events, is trapped behind enemy lines in Hitler's Europe, alone , on foot , and on the run. And finds himself returning to his family's staunchly pacifist Mennonite roots."

Well this book had me hook from the get~go, so hooked, I read it until early morning.

and it was worth it ;)

Gunner's Run , is a Christian Fiction book, But it has Historical facts though out the book.

and the Author is " Rick Barry"
Mr Barry , has a sense of humor, check out his website,

to see what i mean.


Rick Barry said...

Jel, not until just now did I happen to stumble onto your blog post about my Gunner's Run novel. By now you may have forgotten reading it, but I am still touched and glad that it kept you awake and reading late into the night. Blessings to you!

--Rick Barry

jel said...

hey Rick,
thanks for stopping by ,
I still have it.
ya take care!