Saturday, February 27, 2010


*photo taking by Trey Morgan, from one of his trips there "MAY 5TH"
(remember that date)

Have ya ever really thought just how blessed we really are?

In my whole 48 years , I have never gone hungry !

for food that is, never worried where my next meal would come from.

With that said , There are some people , I would like you to meet !

from Hondruas, they call Dump People.

I'm not very good with words, but a blogging friend here is, so I will let him tell you.

Trey Mrogan here are some post dates, to check out.

tues,feb 23 2010, wed~ jan 13 ~10 and on the sidebar of his blog there a place to go and checkout,


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Corry said...

You never realize how blessed you are until you count them and compare them to those who have so much less!

Thanks for the reminder sis. We have lots to be thankful for.


God's Grace.