Saturday, November 6, 2010


not these Morgans

but these Morgans
   it's not a bad movie!   when I saw this  movie , I thought all right , they made a movie  about   Trey&Lea.   it says on the cover
 "the perfect date movie".   and  they still love to go out on date, even  tho they have been married forever! :)    

but  then when  I read  further down the cover, I read this  "they've fallen out of love and into  witness protection,  I knew it couldn't  be about them,   and it wasn't.
it's about  2 New Yorkers,  that  wittensses a brutal muder! (did I tell ya this was a comedy too)
any way  if ya can get thought the first 20 mins at the movie , it gets alot better, (IMHO).
that's when "Sam Elliott&Mary Steenburgen"  come in!

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Trey Morgan said...

Thanks for the kind words about the Morgan's, Jel. I liked it. :)