Friday, November 5, 2010


Yesterday  was a sad day,  for baseball fans, esp. this one!
 One of the best, if not the best mangers in Baseball (IMHO)  died.
Sparky Anderson ,   passed away  at the age of 76 .

when I was a kid in the "70s"    Sparky Anderson  was the manger of  the  Cincinnati Reds
they  won the WS  back to back , in "75~76" .   then he, went on to be a manger for another team in the "80",
but by then  I  wasn't in to baseball.

M y thought , and prayers  go out to his family, for their loss.

Good bye  Mr Anderson,
ya did them proud!

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Walt said...

I remember the gentleman gave us Baltimore fans something to sweat about in 1983 when he skippered that "other team." Quite a guy.