Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 13th Demon

The Chronicles of  Johnathan  Steel : book one
By Bruce  Hennigan

I  read this book  last weekend,  and  it was a very good book,    It is  VEry Intense  ,  and it will pull ya  in by the very first page!   ya won't want to put it down,  and when a book it that good  I won't  put it  down , but  I have learn that  when  I read   spooky  books, like   The  Oath,
The Strange Man,  and  this one The 13th Demon .  I don't read them at nite  :) 

The 13th  Demon  is the first book , and will  end with  the 1st Demon ,

Here is  Bruce Hennigan's  website , if ya want to do the checkitout  thing .    http://www.brucehennigan.com/

it will chill ya to the bone!


Dave said...

It's great to find authors who write good books that are hard to put down. Seems you found your one here Jel - Dave

David Meigs said...

S-C-A-R-Y-!-!-! :-)