Saturday, October 22, 2011


I  call this the candy month,

the other day, my brother and dh were taking about a peanut candy bar, they use to get when they were kids,   but couldn't  remember the name of it.

So I  try to see if  I could found  it  on the web.
And  guess what  I found.

I  found this  VERy  Sweet  Web site.
They  have every kind of candy ya ever want.
they  got so much , I havn't gone  though the  whole thing let.

Here is the  site


Dave said...

We have those nut chocolate bars called Whitaker's, a NZ company. I wonder if you had them there? - Dave

jel said...

hey Dave,
can't say that i have seen that name before, but we do have nut chocolates bars around . :)

Calfkeeper said...

Hehe...just what I need; a candy site. You should have seen the haul Ellen got...and we only went to THREE places. ARGH! (Most of it is already in the freezer.)